Армейсков Сергей (armeyskov) wrote,
Армейсков Сергей

Мой перевод "От всенощной вечор идя домой..." А.С. Пушкина

Alexander Pushkin

Once coming home from the church
Two women had a spat.
The first one said: “I do remember ’bout your smirch;
You will be in regret.

Don’t think that I forgot the night
When you sinned with your godchild.
I am not jealous of your plight -
Your husband will be riled.”
The second asked: “You threaten me? Oh, what a stance!
My godson’s just a kid.
Whole city knows what you did!
That obvious romance
With father of your son-in-law.
Hush, godson’s mother, we are both whores.
In other’s c*nt you see a straw
Without seeing a log in yours.”

Tags: Пушкин, перевод
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